Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Conspiracy in Asaram Ji Bapu case

I address the below communication to all my Guru Bhai and Guru Behen with the only intention to make them aware with the facts of Pujya Asaram Ji Bapu case.

There are only three people at present who have the authority to take decision on Bapuji case. It may be hiring or rejecting advocate or filing any petition in court. They are Vaani, Arjun and Ajay Shah, further referred as “3 Idiots”.

Bapuji always trusted ashram legal team and believe that with honest 3 Idiots will handle the case. Somewhere I feel these 3 Idiots are taking advantages of Bapuji trust and misusing ashram fund. 3 Idiots have the authority to decide on legal sewa having zero experience in law. Ajay Shah Ji had little knowledge in legal as he was contributing sewa in legal. But none of them have law degree. Arjun and Vaani have zero experience in law.

Till today the only success we saw in Bapuji case was only in food & treatment petition which was altogether different case. Ashram legal team was no where involved in this petition. Hence by the grace of Pujya Bapuji we got success.

Let’s come to Conspiracy.

Conspiracy! Yes conspiracy. Somewhere I feel there is a conspiracy due to certain negative decision taken in the crucial time.

First conspiracy
Second bail application was rejected on 10th February 2014 in Jodhpur high court. Third bail application was filed by vaani through advocate Anjani and vaani disciple Ramchandra Bhat alias RC on 31st March 2014, 3 Idiots ruined 50 days without any reason for filing third bail application after second bail application was rejected.

Third bail application rejected on 10th April 2014 in Jodhpur session court. Without filing in Jodhpur high court, 3 Idiots filed bail application in Supreme Court on 09th May 2014. Again 3 Idiot ruined almost one month to file bail application in Supreme Court after it got rejected in Jodhpur session court.

Before filing bail application in Supreme Court, few intellectual ashram wasi, advocates and sadhak advised Vaani for not to file bail application because trial was already in commence. During trial in commence, getting bail for any accused is a difficult task. Right time for filing bail application is generally before the trial commence.

3 Idiots had enough time to file bail application in Supreme Court before trial commenced but 3 Idiots spent those crucial times without any explanation. Moreover we were preparing to file petition in Supreme Court to challenge Pocso act. As usual vani disciple Ramchandra Bhat alias RC was busy filing bail application in session court.

Before filing bail application in Supreme Court 3 Idiots consulted India’s top lawyer like Mukhul Rohtagi Shekar, Nafde, Sanjiv Punalekar and U.U Lalith and even C.V Nagesh and everyone objected to file bail application. But 3 Idiots refused to listen them as if 3 Idiots are above India’s top advocate that too without any law degree.

Even I wrote a lengthy email to empty brain and moron Vaani for not to file bail application. To see the full email, please click the below link.

This email briefs about many wrong step took by vaani which leads to heavy financial loss of ashram.

This act of 3 Idiots gave me a strange feeling that somewhere there is a conspiracy.

Second conspiracy
Even during filing Ahmadabad bail application in Supreme Court of Pujya Bapuji, all the above mentioned intellectual advocates, sadhak and few ashram wasi objected for filing bail application in Supreme Court because it was not filed in Ahmadabad high court and straight away 3 Idiots wanted to approach Supreme Court. As usual 3 Idiots consider themselves above India’s top advocate without having any law degree. This bail application was easily dismissed in Supreme Court which also gave one negative image in the case and chances for media to bark against Pujya Bapuji.

Ahmadabad bail was dismissed in Supreme Court on simple argument by opponent advocate that Ahmadabad bail was not filed in high court. There was no heavy argument on this application. It was a hideous and awful insult due to the fiasco judgment on Ahmadabad bail by Supreme Court. It was open and shut case. But still 3 Idiots didn’t realize this. Ashram’s fund which was sadhak’s hard earned money and crucial time was ruined along with huge insult.

This act of 3 Idiots gave me a strange feeling that somewhere there is a conspiracy.

Third conspiracy
Application 482 was filed in Jodhpur high court on 01st April 2014. Prayer in application 482 was to summon for original document from school and to produce all the investigation details procured by Investigation officer. 3 Idiots, in this petition, never prayed to decide the age of complainant, which would have been a crucial point.

After this petition was dismissed in high court they appealed in Supreme Court under section 91. Even in this petition, prayer for deciding age was missing and today this petition is meaningless because most of the document which 3 Idiots are requesting in Supreme Court has been already produced by them in Jodhpur lower court. Hence there is no effect of application under section 91 in Supreme Court.

Still 3 Idiots are desperate to pursue this application in Supreme Court.

No doubt 3 Idiots has spent in crore by now in advocate fee which was sadhak hard earned money.

This act of 3 Idiots gave me a strange feeling that somewhere there is a conspiracy.

Forth conspiracy
I think all sadhak should admire 3 Idiots for disastrous act by appointing Salman Khurshid for Bapuji case.

Salman Khurshid is always an anti-Hindu. He was indulged in corruption of his own NGO and anti-Hindu play in past. He is not in practice law since more than 7-10 years due to busy schedule of his politics career. Rare he use to appear in court for congress related issues. Despite knowing the facts about Salman Khurshid, 3 Idiots, on contrary, with intends, appointed him to argue Pujya Bapuji bail in Supreme Court. This act of 3 Idiots proves them to be an asinine.

3 Idiots believes that Salman Khurshid succeeds for Tarun Tejpal bail and hence he may also bring some relief in Bapuji case too. Tarun Tejpal case was again a different story. He filed bail application before his trial commenced which was actually the right time. Instead of Salman Khurshid, any lawyer would have succeeded in Tarun Tejpal bail. Moreover Tarun Tejpal was not book under Pocso act. Tarun Tejpal case is contrary to Bapuji case.

No doubt 3 Idiots has spent in crore by now on Salman Khurshid which was sadhak hard earned money.

This act of 3 Idiots gave me a strange feeling that somewhere there is a conspiracy. 

Fifth Conspiracy
The only life line among all the application filed in Supreme Court is the Sharad petition which challenge Pocso act, handle by senior advocate Shekar Nafde. Again 3 Idiots are no where involved in filing this petition like food & treatment petition. Without their knowledge we filed this petition in Supreme Court. With respectful opinion of many intellectual advocates, success of this petition will bring huge relief on Bapuji case.

3 Idiots were indulge in many crucial decision of Bapuji case like monkey and never delivered a positive result. Wrong decision with no result since one year has became a habit of 3 Idiots. Still they are taking individual decision.

On 19th August 2014, 3 Idiots approached senior advocate Shekar Nafde to request him for not to argue anything in our petition on 20th August 2014 which challenge Pocso act. This intrusion in our petition has nothing to do with 3 Idiots. But still they indulge in awful, shitty and barbarous act by approaching advocate Shekar Nafde. Constant dreadful act of 3 Idiots creates doubt on their honesty. 3 Idiots are using their position to swindle the entire case to get rich quick. This would be the most notorious financial swindle in history of Sanatan Dharma.

Senior advocate Shekar Nafde is looking after our petition from more two month and ashram don’t have any right to discuss senior advocate Shekar Nafde for not pursue our petition.

This act of 3 Idiots gave me a strange feeling that somewhere there is a conspiracy. 

Sixth Conspiracy
Vaani with empty brain always try to boss others. He doesn’t know the basic formula like “Be the servant while leading… Have infinite patience, and success is yours”. Gone are the days of “Hire and fire policy”.

Vaani neither have any skill nor gave a free hand to other intellectual sadhak to involve in Bapuji case which is the fundamental responsibility of 3 Idiots. Bapuji case is not just a mere sewa like other sewa but it’s a highly exceptional sewa requiring specialized law skill along with the past experience of handling strategic cases like Bapuji case. Since one year we are noticing Vaani, he had never took any step to curtail the expenses in Bapuji case, instead wasted crore of rupees. Everyone knows his sensitivity of mishandling Bapuji case and cash from the day one and not putting effort to optimizing the case.

You had never strive to improve your competence and also never promoted competent sadhak working for a long time in this crucial sewa. 3 Idiots should take pride in doing things differently and bring the benefits to sewa and ashram by improved methods at reduced prices.

With the above fact, 3 Idiots proves to be an incompetent and a conspirator.

3 Idiots should always remember that Pujya Bapuji is not their sole property but Pujya Bapuji is for everyone. Everything is accountable and there is no pardon for these mistakes. That day is not far when your asses will be rip and torn into pieces for sure.

Purpose of making this message pubic is to aware all sadhak about the facts. For 3 Idiots, handling Pujya Bapuji case might be just indulging in child’s play but all sadhak are burning inside.

All the above facts and incident are true and based on my experience.

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Rahul Gandhi: Complaint for malign the image of Hindu's

On 20th August 2014, Rahul Gandhi gave a imbecile statement which prove his an asinine. 

He said that “log mandir mein jaate hai. Matha tekte hai devi ki puja karte hai, apko koi behen kehta hai, koi ma kehta hai magar sachai yeh hai ki wo hi logo jo ma aur behen kehta hai wo hi log aapko bus mein chedte hai” English translation -“people go to temple. Bow their head, worship goddess, few say you sister, few say you brother, few say you mother but the fact is the same people who say sister and mother the same people molest in bus”.

His statement is false, frivolous, obscene facts regarding visiting temple without knowing the truth of the said facts. Somewhere I feels that the above statement is the indication of malicious intention to discredit and malign the image of Hindus like me.

This statement of Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) was a deliberate intention so as to create and promote enmity, hatred and ill-will between different castes and communities based on a separate religion and beliefs.

Therefore I submitted my complaint on 21st August 2014 against accused Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) who have acted and abetted, with deliberate and malicious intention, to outrage, insult and hurt religious sentiments, beliefs and feelings of mine including the undersigned with an intention to disturb peace in the society. 

He has thereby committed the offences punishable u/s. 114, 504, 505(1)(c)&(2), 153, 153A, 193, 295A, of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

I received N.C from D.J Halli police station. N.C number is 603/14. Need to approach JMFC court under section 156(3) for registering FIR against Rahul Gandhi.

Please click on the below link for soft copy of my complaint.

D.J Halli: Complaint against illegal slaughter house.

Since few years I have noticed and witness many illegal slaughter house operating in nooks and corner of D.J Halli police limits. This illegal slaughter house cannot operate without the support of local politician and without the involvement of few local corrupt police officers. There is definitely corruption.

These illegal slaughter houses never care of any hygienic condition which ultimately leads to the suffering of public health.

Running this illegal slaughter house is nothing but blatant violation of law under Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, 1964, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, Karnataka Municipality Act, IPC 429 and Central pollution control board. 

There are many other who are witness to these infringements like me. Hence the offence has been committed by the accused in view of the fact stated above.

Therefore on 8th July 2014, I complaint to Bangalore police commissioner to look into this matter as early as possible and sized the entire illegal slaughter house.

There are more than 20 illegal slaughter house in DJ Halli police limits. From outside, slaughter house looks like small house with narrow entry but if we enter, we can find few cows with slaughter house.

Please click on the below link for soft copy of my complaint.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Darjeeling: FIR against India News Tv Channel

On 1st January 2014, in Darjeeling I registered FIR in Sadar police station, against India News Tv Channel for telecasting derogatory and defamatory program against Pujya Asaram Ji Bapu.

Accused are Kartikeya Sharma (Managing Director of India News Tv Channel), Deepak Chaurasia (Editor-in-Chief), and others.

Please click on the below link for soft copy of

a) FIR copy

b) Complaint copy