Saturday, October 4, 2014

Five steps to save Gauvansh before Bakrid for Karnataka

Jai Shri Ram,

With deep regret I wanted to say that like past year’s even current year that is 2014 many Gauvansh has been brought illegally inside Bangalore city by violating many laws for illegal slaughtering with the help of corrupt officials on the occasion of Bakrid festival.

I am not aware of past years but this racket of illegal slaughtering and illegal trafficking of animal is flourishing like never before under the protection and guidance of corrupt police officials, politician and government officials.  Even prostitute racket was never ever flourished so open in ground compare to illegal slaughtering and illegal trafficking of animals specially Gauvansh.

On 26th September 2014, animal welfare officer Joshine Anthony filed a complaint before Karnataka Lokayukta alleging that more than one lakh cattle have been brought to Bangalore city by violating many laws.

In pursuant to the complaint, on 1st October 2014, in order to prevent illegal animal sacrifice and illegal animal trafficking, Karnataka Lokayukta issued notice and ask to submit report by 10th October 2014 to various officers like
  1. The commissioner of Transport
  2. Department of Animal Husbandry
  3. Additional Commissioner of Police
  4. Joint Director of Animal health

Now we just have to follow four steps before Bakrid. Note, this plan of action is strictly for Karnataka Gauvansh bhakt.
1)      Explore places where Gauvansh is been stock. Mostly they stock in narrow lane of Muslim dominated area or in open ground or inside some Urdu schools.
2)      In one area, spot maximum places where Gauvansh is been stock and make a note of average Gauvansh you noticed.
3)      If possible try to record with hidden camera or mobile phone. For authentication, don’t forget to highlight date of current news paper. For more information on this, do contact me.
4)      Call the DCP of concern area and inform about illegal animal trafficking and slaughtering with number of Gauvansh and ask them to take immediate action. Don’t heat up the conversation with government officials over phone. Try to be calm. If you can record the call then it would be better.
5)      Also email the details like call and video recording with date without delay so that we can produce your proof in Karnataka Lokayukta during next hearing.

For any clarification, do contact or email us.

Athish Ravikanth and Shylesh Holla
09945969917, 09448350988

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